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What Is Blossom?

And, What Joining This Community Means For You and Your Brand

What a year it's been. When I reflect on the year and look back on starting my content journey, I see a process of learning and growth. It's a process that has taken time to develop, learn from, and grow. That's what inspired me to start Blossom.

More than sharing my own experience, I've recognized the richness that exists in having a community. As creators and people, we are proud to share our talents and skills at the end of the day. We are all a wealth of knowledge and wisdom in a world of nuance. And, as much as we deserve to receive that wisdom, you deserve to share it. So please put it on display.

As I build out this community, I ask you for your help and support. Much like my process of starting and building my blog and brand awareness brand, The Applause, this will take time, support, and, most importantly, your knowledge and expertise. Blossom is a community of knowledge sharing. As the adage goes, "it takes a village," and I hold that to be true in whatever you hold dear. Anything worthy of your time and seeing it thrive requires community and support.

As we enter this year, let's learn and grow together. Let's share our experiences and wisdom and profile our proudest talents and skills with each other.

Blossom isn't going to grow overnight but will with the right amount of nurturing and attention. That is why I've decided to unfold this vision, mission, and platform in phases. The first is to build a solid foundation to allow the roots of this platform to grow. That foundation is you, the creators. My goal is to reach 100 members in the Content Creator group in the next 100 days. Can we do it? I believe in us.

Let's get started! Share this message with your community. Make us part of your community. And, I'd love to know what you have created. Do you create content, blogs, marketing materials, or something unique?

I appreciate your support. I promise that this will be a space rich in wisdom and resources. And under my supervision will also be one that is safe for you to share, learn, grow, and thrive.

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